Rev. Barber’s Rise Of A New Justice Movement; “The Third Reconstruction”, Fusion Politics and Moral Mondays

Rev. Barber talks about deep moral and Constitutional crisis and its effect - the possibility of a third Reconstruction.

Since 2013 Civil Rights activist Reverend William Barber II has led thousands of people at rallies throughout the state of North Carolina to protest violations like civil liberties, primarily voting rights.

The famous Rev. Barber’s Moral Monday protests have spread all over the South even through to cities like Chicago. And now in a new book, Rev. Barber explains why his moral awakening of justice should be considered the third Reconstruction period in American history.

Joining Roland Martin on NewsOne, Rev. William Barber and his co-author, Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove, discussed their new book, The Third Reconstruction: Moral Mondays, Fusion Politics, and the Rise of a New Justice Movement.

Hartgrove stated “There’s been an intentional Southern strategy to divide and conquer White and Black folks, and Rev. Barber is a master at seeing through that and of helping poor and working class White folks, to see that they actually have more in common with Black folks that they often vote against, than they have against each other.”

He added, “We have seven new branches of the NAACP in Western North Carolina that are predominantly White, but we didn’t get there by going up there and talking about left and right , we didn’t talk about Democrat vs. Republican — we talked about issues being Constitutionally consistent, morally defensible, and economically sane, and it has allowed us a new way of organizing that is really taking grip in our state.”

Rev Barber stresses on the fact that, yes, there is a moral and constitutional crisis in America and that one must understand that a problem can be solved only if we become one, but then firstly to solve the problem, we must stop denying the existence problem, Blacks and Whites alike.

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