Worst White Attack On Black People You Didn’t Know About

The “Black Wall Street of America” was left in ruins following the Tulsa riot.

The entire country remembers those who perished during the deadly 9/11 terror attacks, but not many have ever heard of the bloody attack which took place 95 years ago and destroyed lives of thousands of people.

This can be explained in part by the color of their skin. Not hard to guess those people were Black.

Today is the 95th anniversary of the so-called Tulsa riot, which resulted in a prosperous Greenwood community of black people being burned to the ground. Thousands of innocent people became a target for the worst hate crime committed by the white population.

The riot was triggered by the explosive accusation that a black man had tried to sexually assault a white woman. As rumors of the rape spread throughout the city, hundreds of furious white men gathered outside the courthouse where the alleged rapist was held, and a group of African-Americans arrived to prevent lynching from occurring.

The violent confrontation ensued after some Whites were accidentally killed. The black group returned to the community, which in a matter of hours was burnt to the ground by the white men deputized by Tulsa law enforcement officers.

As it was summarized, 35 blocks housing 1,256 residences were destroyed, about 400 black people lost their lives, over 800 suffered injuries and 10,000 were left homeless.

At that point, no whites were convicted of participating in the riot and no blacks were compensated for lost property.

The incident didn’t gain much attention and wasn’t well-publicized not because the authorities felt remorse afterward, but largely because Black lives were systematically devalued by society.

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