5 White High School Students Arrested For Racist Graffiti

5 Arlington High School students were arrested for spray painting racist graffiti on rival school buildings.

The five teens, Cameron Bodenstab, 18, Christian Joeckel, 18, Ethan Sigmund, 18, Hayden Honoloka, 17 and Ryan Westbrook, 17, were all arrested for spray painting hate messages and racial slurs on Martin High school buildings.

Christian Joeckel confessed to the police of spray painting a penis and writing “Whites Only” on a fountain wall, where students mostly drink, while Honoloka admitted that he wrote “F*** Martin” and painted monkey bars on the school wall.

A student at the Arlington High, Kirstin Pham, said “for them to do something like that to another school is very disrespectful and immature. I feel like we’re all miniature adults and should be treating each other as such.

However, the five students were set on a $2,500 bond each and were charged with state felonies for damages of school property that cost about $20,000.

Police spokesman Lt. Chris Cook said “the hate crime statute will be presented to a grand jury. Since they’re felonies, there will have to be a hearing for indictment.” If they are convicted, they could spend months in jail.

Children continue to live in segregated communities because the judicial and educational systems are full of nationalism and discrimination.

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