Chicago Officials Release 3-Year-Old Video Of Police Using Taser On Man Who Later Died

The Chicago Police Department is facing backlash over another man's fatal encounter with law enforcement.

The 2012 video shows police using a Taser on Philip Coleman, 38, who later died. The footage comes in the wake of protests that erupted in the city after both the Laquan McDonald and Ronald Johnson videos were released.

Meanwhile, the circumstances surrounding Coleman’s death stemmed from an arrest in December 2012. Coleman, who allegedly fought with his mother and spit on police when they arrived on scene, was taken to the local hospital and given a sedative. He was then placed in a jail cell.

The newly released footage, which has no audio, shows at least six officers entering Coleman’s cell. Some of the officers restrain him. While he’s lying down, the employees subdue him while one appears to use a Taser. Officers later appear to drag Coleman’s limp body out of his cell and down the hallway, pulling him by his wrists.

Coleman was taken to a local hospital, where an autopsy report shows he died from an allergic reaction to a sedative doctors administered. Security video from the hospital’s emergency room entrance shows Coleman being wheeled into the hospital in a wheelchair.

The officers in Coleman’s case were suspended for one day following the incident.

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