What Good Has Mayor Emanuel Done To Reform Chicago Police?

Is Mayor Emanuel still looking for solutions to restore trust in the police department?

Since the rise of police brutality and corruption in Chicago, Mayor Emanuel claims he has been working hard to establish trust in the police department.

Mayor Emanuel replaced the head of the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) responsible for investigation of police misconducts and now wants to dissolve the board to set up a civilian commission that will oversee the police board.

Emanuel wrote in a Chicago Tribune editorial that his “goal is to bring safety to every community through building trust in our police department. That requires creating a new system for police accountability and oversight.”

He explained that “under the leadership of Sharon Fairley, IPRA has taken important steps to reshape and improve its investigative efforts. But it is clear that a totally new agency is required to rebuild trust in investigations of officer-involved shootings and the most serious allegations of police misconduct.”

The Chicago city mayor was accused of covering-up police brutality since the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old black man, Laquan McDonald, by a police officer, Jason Van Dyke. Emanuel and other leaders such as the state’s Attorney Anita Alvarez and the CPD were accused of withholding the video of Officer Dyke shooting McDonald 16 times.

One way Emanuel can start solving the problems of police brutality is by equipping these officers with body cameras and jailing killer cops. But instead, he goes ahead replacing heads of departments, which might not produce any good result because they are of the same feather. If the poll shows 62% disapproval rating of him, then maybe it is time for him to stop dismissing employees and leave.

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