Lawsuit: Alabama Man Died In Jail Because Of No Medical Aid

Phillip Anderson, a black Alabama man, died in jail because officers failed to provide necessary medical treatments.

On Monday, May 23, Phillip Fikes, son of Philip Anderson, filed a lawsuit against Tuscaloosa County over the death of his beloved father.

Anderson was imprisoned at Tuscaloosa County Jail because officials claimed he had missed a child support hearing in 2013.

Report says that Anderson had never skipped any of his child support payments and his youngest child was in fact 23 years old when he was arrested.

According to reports, Anderson vomited his first meal he was given at the jail and couldn’t eat for seven days. He died from an untreated ulcer because prison officers couldn’t provide him with medical care.

When Anderson gave the jail officers a list of his daily medications, they ignored him accusing him of faking his health problems. The officers stood and watched Anderson die, slowly, day by day, even though they knew he had serious medical issues.

Fikes told NBC News, “I just feel like they didn’t care. I hope and pray no one else has to go through what we went through.”

It perfectly explains how cruel and heartless law enforcers can be, especially to black men and women in communities.

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