12-Year-Old Black Texas Girl Shares Her Story

She was helpless with a rope around her neck on a school field trip.

The family of a Waco black Texas girl has not gotten all answers to the calamity that befell their daughter, who came back from a camping trip with a rope burn around her neck.

BlackMattersUs reported that neither the poor girl nor her mother believes the situation was an accident. Sandy Rougely suspects racially motivated bullying, so she filed a personal injury claim against the school and hired a lawyer, Levi McCathern, who demanded $2.7 million in damages from Live Oak to cover private school through the 12th grade, college, and living expenses, so that the girl could have medical or legal training.

The story told in the interview differs from the version supported by the school even more than before as the girl claims she was not participating in the game at the time of the incident.

This young girl said that she was tired and decided not to play again. Then suddenly she felt a rope around her neck which she struggled to remove and then realized there were 3 boys standing and they didn’t even try to help her. The boys claim they were not responsible for what happened but we doubt they are telling the truth. We think that these young racists are being backed by some more experienced adults, as even the lawyer, Levi McCathern, had to face some bullying and dismiss some accusations while protecting the interests of the poor girl’s family.

A lawsuit has been filed against the school because family believes this was a racially instigated incident. Watch the video below shared by another news portal.

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