Honoring Black History: Malcolm X Day.

Malcolm X Day is celebrated all around the country.

Malcolm X captivated the nation. He was one of the most important voices for Black rights and against injustice and racism. The skilled orator and unapologetic critic of America, Malcolm X said a lot of words that we still remember, love and agree with.

Malcolm X Day is one of the most important American holidays for the Black community. It is the day to honor Minister Malcolm, his life, and legacy. In 2016, Malcolm X Day is celebrated from May 19 to May 22. The festivals, meetups, assemblies, and other events will take place all around the country.

And while you honor the iconic minister and civil rights activist today, think of the following: why did his legacy go wrong? Why are his ideas still not realized? He died for these ideas, he died for the better future for us, his descendants, and we still hesitate to stand up and act.

Malcolm X taught us that we couldn’t be recognized as citizens until we are recognized as humans. Isn’t it time to fight for this right to be recognized as humans? Don’t forget that we stand on the shoulders of those who sacrificed and paved the way with their bodies for us!

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