$35,000 Reward For Info In 9-Year-Old Milwaukee Girl’s Shooting

The FBI and an attorney offer a $35k reward for anyone who gives information on 9-year-old Za’layia Jenkins, who was struck by a stray bullet.

An earlier report about the shooting of the black Milwaukee girl says that she was shot by a stray bullet in her home. But the police now say Za’layia was shot in extended family house, where she went to visit her relatives.

Za’layia died from injury sustained from gunshot on Monday, May 16, at the Milwaukee County Medical Center.

There has been no information about the shooters, but the police say they have been looking for a green Jeep Cherokee driver who might have information about the shooting.

However, on Tuesday, May 17, the FBI and an attorney offered to pay a total sum of $35,000 to anybody having information about the shooting of poor little girl who died because of the skyrocketing violent crimes in communities, which police have failed to contain.

One of Za’layia’s aunts, Keyana Boone, said “Turn yourself in. How do you sleep at night? You took an innocent life. A 9-year-old. She didn’t do nothing to nobody. I don’t understand how they sleep at night.”

This brings a question about what exactly are the police doing. Violence continues to yeast in communities and police cannot get information on two armed groups involved in the shooting of Za’layia. Instead, the FBI pays citizens to get information about crimes that occur daily in the society. Ooh I see! The job of the police is killing innocent, unarmed black men and women.

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