John Lewis’ Graphic Novel to Be Taught in NYC Public Schools

MARCH, a graphic novel by John Lewis will now reach the nation’s largest public school system.

The New York City Department of Education, largest and most segregated in the country, will henceforth include in its Social Studies curriculum John Lewis’ graphic novel series, ‘March’, to instruct students on the civil rights movement.

‘MARCH’ is a graphic novel trilogy that tells the first-hand account of Congressman John Lewis’ lifelong struggle for civil and human rights.

“I am deeply moved that New York City Public Schools are adding March to the Social Studies curriculum. This is a major step to ensuring every young person receives the best possible education about Nonviolence and the Civil Rights Movement,” Lewis wrote on his Facebook page.

This is a good initiative by the NYC Department of Education which will aid stop and end discrimination, as children will grow up knowing their history and the value of their culture, rights and privileges. We hope that other departments of education in different states will follow this good example.

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