Black Officer Stands Against His PD to Defend Black Suspect

Unprecedented news! A Michigan police officer has filed a lawsuit against Mundy Township and his own police department, claiming that they pressured him to portray a former NBA player and Michigan State basketball star guilty in a sexual assault case.

Officer Brian Ogle filed the suit against his own Police Department on May, 4, according to The Detroit News. In his lawsuit, Ogle claims he was pressured to steer the investigation into the rape case against former NBA player and MSU basketball star Mateen Cleaves a certain way. Actually, Ogle was pressured to portray Cleaves as guilty, even though he believed he wasn’t.

With this lawsuit, Officer Ogle is throwing this case a major curve ball. Cleaves is facing serious charges accused of holding a 24-year-old woman against her will and sexually assaulting her at a Genesee County motel last September, the Detroit Free Press reports. If convicted, Cleaves could spend 10 to 15 years in a prison cell. However, the former NBA player and now the police officer who first investigated the case both claim that the charges are false.

This is the first time when the BM team meets such case in mass media!

A Black officer suing his PD in favor of a Black suspect is unique. ‘Servants’ of the law turning against their own masters is the best illustration of how broken the whole system is. We are used to putting the blame for the awful situation with racism in police on cops, but is it right? Might the problem be deeper and more serious?

This case shows that the Black repression executed by police is not the initiative of several criminals in blue. It is the genocide organized and controlled by the Criminal and Justice system. So, what will happen when the puppets in blue refuse to serve their masters? I want to believe the system will fall and the Black repression will end. Dear Black officers, we need you to stand up for your people, not your masters.

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