Flint Residents Hope Obama’s Visit Will Stir Waters Of Change

Residents of Flint, Michigan, are holding high hopes that the long endured water crisis will come to an end with today’s visit of President Obama.

A week ago, President Barack Obama announced that he would be traveling to Flint, Michigan, May 4. Obama wrote about his plans in a letter to a child who had been adversely affected by the city’s water crisis. Amariyanna “Mari” Copeny, 8, known in her community as “Little Miss Flint,” wrote to the President to voice her concerns about the effects of the water contamination, NBC News reported.

“It’s so great he’s coming, it’s long overdue,” said Desiree Duell who hopes the visit sparks some urgency for action.

In 2013, the city changed its main water source from Detroit treated water to water from the Flint River. Unfortunately, the city realized the danger only as the water started causing illnesses mostly among children. Children of Flint have been exposed to several dreadful diseases due to the improper treatment of the river water.

In the period of 2 years, the city has not experienced what clear water tastes like, neither have they been able to deal with the situation. Water in Flint is still good for nothing.

We are glad that the President of the nation has decided to heed to the cry of the Flint residents at last even though this should have been done long before now. But why did Obama decide to help the Flint residents now? This is a situation that has been on for the past two years.

It’s disheartening when the people we brought into power with our vote feel reluctant when their hand is needed. All the American politicians do something for black Americans only if they can profit from this, and that is very unfair.

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