Five Worst Things American Police Can Legally Do to A Civilian

Below is a video that shows five messed up “off-book” things American police can do to a civilian without being punished.

American police officers are given power and authority so that they could force the will of the ruling class. It’s very unfortunate that this level of power given to police mostly ends with immoral acts of violence and extortion.

Here are some insidious things police can legally do to you.

Police Can Make You Disappear.

A secret black site Homan Square associated with the kidnapping of innocent individuals, being held without due process, beating and killing was exposed operating in Chicago city in 2014. This horror story was hiding behind the state’s immoral drug enforced by police.

Your Identity Can Be Stolen By Police.

It is legal for the police to steal one’s identity according to Ohio’s identity theft law. This leads to the crime not being able to prosecute.

Police Officers Can Steal Your Property.

Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF) makes sure police are able to steal money and property from countless innocent citizens.

American Police Officer Can Sell You.

Since America’s profit-driven system of incarceration has financially boosted especially in the juvenile prisons, a target has shifted to the youth. For example, two Pennsylvania judges were recently found to conspire with businessmen in a $2.6 million “kid for cash” scandal that resulted in more than 2500 children being jailed in for-profit private prisons.

Finally, Police Officers Can Try To Provoke You.

During protests, police, in an attempt to demonize peaceful protesters, can go undercover to provoke innocent people into violent action. Police can also create dangerous situations on the road just to write more tickets.

This shows that the police can do anything they want! An ordinary black American citizen has no way to defend his rights, health or even his own life when he faces a law enforcement officer. This system breaks most of the American laws and makes the officers ‘legal criminals.’

This is happening because the system shields a police officer giving him more rights than any American citizen has. People go crazy when they have the power to do whatever they want to and have no responsibility for what they are doing. This is sad.

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