The Fatal Chicago Police shooting of unarmed black teen Quintonio LeGrier after calling 911 three times!

Quintonio LeGrier, a19-year-old unarmed black boy is reportedly shot by the Chicago police after calling the 911 three times, pleading for help.

An officer who was at the scene shot the black teen six times after police claim he advanced toward them with a baseball bat. This has triggered a wild and intense scrutiny from Black communities and civil right organizations.

It was reported that the officer also fatally shot LeGrier’s neighbor, Bettie Jones, who was standing at the door behind him.

The Independent Police Review Authority, which is investigating the shootings, made LeGrier’s three 911 calls public on Monday, as well as one from his father, Antonio.

During the investigation, the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communication recently identified and provided IPRA with two additional 911 calls placed by Quintonio LeGrier prior to the incident.

The tapes depict pleas for help from the frustrated teen.

“I need to talk to an officer,” the 19-year-old told a dispatcher in the first call. “Someone’s threatening my life.”

That operator can be heard on the recording hanging up the call after LeGrier identified himself only as “Q” and declined to detail what was happening.

“Can you just send an officer?” LeGrier asked the dispatcher at one point.

“Yeah, when you answer the question,” she said.

The report says the 911 operator who took LeGrier’s third call a few minutes later “dispatched a squad car on a well-being check. As officers responded, LeGrier’s father, Antonio, called 911 as well.”

The victims’ families have filled wrongful-death suits. 911 recordings raise questions as to whether there was a deliberate action on the part of the officers.

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