White Teacher Tells Black Teen To “Go Back To Africa”

Beaufort County School District is investigating the case of a white school teacher asking a black student to go back to Africa.

According to reports, Nicole Whitmore’s son, who is a freshman in Battery Creek High School, was sitting with about 10 other students when their teacher instructed them to stand up for the morning pledge on Tuesday April 26.

The 14-year-old black student jokingly told to his colleagues that it didn’t matter to stand because, “Donald Trump is going to send us back to Africa”. The white teacher replied to the boy’s comment immediately by saying:  Exactly! You should “go back to Africa.”

School administrators declined to name of the science teacher or provide additional details, stating that “complaints made against specific teachers are considered personnel matters”.

The boy’s mother, Whitmore, complained that the white teacher racially targeted her son. “I didn’t take kindly to it, and my son didn’t take kindly to it. You don’t tell my son to go back to Africa knowing you’re a different color than he is. I don’t want my son going through anything discriminative,” she said.

Whitmore’s complaint prompted the district to remind the school administration that students are permitted to sit during the pledge.

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