Neenah Police Shot Unarmed Man And Lied About His Death

A shocking dashcam video below shows how Neenah police officers fatally shot an unarmed man who had been taken hostage and managed to escape. The video proves officers lied about this cold-blooded murder afterward.

Michael Funk and his two colleagues were taken hostage by Brian T. Flatoff in December last year. The decision to escape cost Funk his life.

A dashcam video shows Funk was fatally shot by Neenah police officers right after he managed to escape his captor. The video also shows that the officers lied about the circumstances of the shooting in an effort to cover their crime.

According to The Free Thought Project, the officers said the victim never complied with orders to put down his weapon, so he left them no choice.

They also lied that the victim was given immediate medical attention. However, the video shows the true story of this murder. According to the video, Funk never pointed a gun at police and posed no threat to them when they opened fire on him without any warning. And after that police left him lying in a pool of his own blood for a half hour.

Neenah Police Chief, Kevin Wilkinson, issued a statement about the incident. He said Funk was gunned down for refusing to obey police orders.

It’s outrageous that officers murder innocent people and lie about their deaths. As a matter of fact, it is fortunate that we have a footage of this murder. Who knows how many people will never get justice because police lied about the incident? This murder is senseless, but the worst part is that these officers will be wearing their badges and holding their guns no matter what. The system itself is broken. What officers lack to understand is that their aim is to protect civilians and not to murder them.

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