Riding A Bike – Another Thing Black People Can’t Do Without Getting Harassed By Cops

The DOJ investigation found out that Tampa Police is unfairly targeting black cyclist by issuing them an excessive number of bicycle tickets.

If you thought riding a bicycle is one of the few things black folks in Tampa, Fla., can do without getting unnecessarily stopped and harassed by cops, think again!

Reports from the U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the Tampa Police Department’s bike-ticketing practices reveals that 8 out of 10 cyclists stopped and issued by police officers were African Americans, according to 10 News.

The DOJ found out that Tampa police targeted poor, predominantly black neighborhoods where officers dished out excessive number of tickets and often used the mostly minor violations as a justification to stop, question and search black cyclist for other forms of criminal activity.

The DOJ’s investigation was opened after Tampa Bay Times` study found that black cyclists are more likely to be ticketed by cops, even though black people only make up about 20 percent of Tampa’s population.

It is however not a surprise that Tampa cops decide to harass black cyclists; this actions are inspired by the same racial bias and prejudices that motivate police officers across all the America to ticket black drivers more than anybody else.

We hope that Tampa officials will follow the DOJ recommends to improve community`s engagement, documentation and transparency.

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