Desperate Pa. Attorney General Candidate Uses Footage of Black Suffering to Win Votes

Black voters must be vigilant to ensure that they are not deceived by ambitious politicians using BLM and criminal justice reform to attract votes.

In a bid to attract black voters, Stephen Zappala, a Democrat running for attorney general in the Pennsylvania primary, released a despicable campaign ad revealing his true self as a liar and a fraud.

The attorney general position is very important to African-Americans in Pennsylvania, who are more likely to face the state’s abusive criminal-justice systems. Black people make up fifty percent of the state’s inmates, although they are only 20 percent of state’s residents.

Now Zappala is desperately trying to win black votes under the guise of being concerned about criminal justice reform and Black Lives Matter. Zappala’s ad entitled “Eighteen” references black misery citing Sandra Bland’s arrest, Walter Scott’s fatal police shooting and Ray Rice’s domestic violence incident, while an emphatic voice-over says: “He didn’t need a traffic stop in Texas, a shooting in South Carolina or an elevator in Atlantic City.”

The ad went further to laud Zappala, who has served nearly two decades as district attorney for Allegheny County, for pioneering domestic violence prosecutions in Pittsburgh, advocating for camera recordings of all traffic stops and leading the prosecution of an on-duty police officer who was convicted of criminal homicide. Like many other politicians Zappala attempts to fool black voters by pandering to their emotions and concerns which is a disgraceful move, given that he has a very abysmal record on issues of racism and justice.

Since taking over office as district attorney in 1998 Zappala has cut many outrageous deals with the racist Pittsburgh Police Department in the prejudice of the African Americans.

In October of 2001, Zappala prosecuted police officer, John Charmo, and got him a mere two-month sentence for shooting an unarmed black man 12 times.

In 2011, he brought no charges against Pittsburg officers who racially profiled and brutally beat Jordan Miles, leaving the innocent black musician with a skull fracture.

A year later, Zappala charged Leon Ford Jr., a black amateur boxer and mechanic, with five assault charges against officers after he was shot five times in his car by Pittsburgh police who mistook him for a drug dealer. Again no charges were brought against the officers, despite overwhelming evidence proving they had committed a crime.

The current trends of our national political landscape and political campaign strategies to cynically woo black voters goes to prove that the African-American community is as it has been over the last two decades a very significant voting bloc.

Therefore black people must remain vigilant to ensure that they are not deceived by ambitious politicians using Black Lives Matter and criminal justice reform to attract votes without any meaningful plans to take concrete actions once elected.

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