RACIST VANDALISM: African-American Families’ Cars Scratched And Tires Flattened In Millington

Racism has become so endemic in America that black lives, well-being and properties are not valuable anymore.

Several African-American families in Millington, Tenn., are outraged after racists vandalized their vehicles, flattened their tires, and used N-word against them, reports WREG News Chanel 3.

Scott Dean, an Army veteran, was heartbroken when discovered on Sunday that his family’s three cars had been vandalized.

“I wanted to cry,” Dead told WREG.

Dean and his wife Kylisha Dean have no ideas what prompted the vandals to “scratch up” their truck and flatten their tires.

The reason why the couple was targeted became clear to them when they found out on Monday that their neighbor Kenny Brown, who is also black, became a victim of the similar senseless and vicious act.

After defacing Kenny Brown’s vehicle vandals left a letter, which plainly suggests the families were targeted for being black in Millington, moreover the letter states that unwelcomed black people would be targeted every night.

“I noticed that someone had left me a note,” Brown said.

“They definitely left the N-word on the note, so that definitely sends a signal to me,” he added.

“2 down 4 to go. We will not be stopped,” the letter read.

The words in the explicit letter left some families, who fear the crimes might escalate to violence, worried about their children’s safety.

“I shouldn’t have to worry about my babies going to school because of the color of their skin,” Kylisha Dean said.

Millington Police Department is investigating the vandalism, which according to them has caused thousands of dollars in damages.

However, there have been no arrests, and no charges filed so far.

It is very appalling to see people go scot-free after committing a hate crime. But it is not so surprising, afterwards, this is America, where white people have the delusion that neither black lives nor black properties matter.

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