Police Chief Says Tamir Rice Settlement Funds Should Be Used For Gun Education For Kids

Police Union Chief thinks that Kids need education on guns more than Police Officers who rather shoot and kill these kids.

According to HuffPost Black Voices, the head of the Cleveland police union, Stephen Loomis believes that the $6 million settlement over the wrongful death of Tamir Rice fatally shot by white officers should be used to educate kids on the dangers of holding a gun.

“Something positive must come from this tragic loss,” Loomis wrote in his one-page missive, first reported on by Cleveland.com. “That would be educating youth of the dangers of possessing a real or replica firearm.”

This is very ridiculous! Police Union Chief should not forget that lack of training of the police force as to how to interpret a situation is what has led to rampant killings in America. The lack of experience and the speed with which a cop decides whether to take a shot or not, is the reason why such huge amounts of money coming from the public is used to settle the victims.

Taxpayer cost of police killings – Walter Scott was settled $6.5 million; Freddie Gray’s settlement went for $6.4 million; Eric Garner for approximately $6 million, and now the latest, Tamir Rice, $6.0 million.

Such huge sums been paid back to the victimized families could be rather used to educate police officers from unnecessary killings. They shut our mouths with our own money! Payouts like these, funded by taxpayers, are NOT even justice! It is not a substitute for genuine police accountability and does little to deter police misconduct.

If Police Union Chief, Loomis, feels very heavy for the amount they are paying for their committed crimes, then he should put his department on a training role to avoid such payments which could have been used to develop a community. But settling for their wrong doings, it’s very right, only that it’s still the public’s money.

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