12 Witnesses Of Police Shooting Demarcus Semer Refuse To Talk

"We need our community's help; we aren't interested in rumors or gossip; we're looking to find the truth," said Ken Mascara, St. Lucie County Sheriff.

St. Lucie County police officers are investigating the fatal shooting of a 21-year-old black motorist, Demarcus Semer, committed by two officers whose names are undisclosed at the moment.

Semer was shot dead over the weekend on Saturday, April 23 during a traffic stop near North 19th Street and Avenue G.  According to reports, the officers were trying to stop Semer, who had no criminal records. He was harmless and unarmed, yet when he tried to run away the officers felt threatened and shot him several times.

Twelve people said they saw police shooting a black man, but none of them has stepped forward to testify against these officers. “The last thing I want is the rumors and the false theories on what happened in this case to continue to have groundswell in our community,” Mascara pleaded for community to help investigate the death of Semer.

Sheriff Mascara promised that his detectives will carry out a fair, open and thorough investigation. He stated that the results of the investigation will be handled over to local prosecutors to decide whether to bring charges against the officers or not.

Mascara said in a statement on Monday that their detectives will continue to fully investigate Semer’s death and that no further information was available at the moment.

Yet, there are some dark points in this case. Why would 12 people who saw the shooting of the black man keep silence? Either they just don’t care, or they are afraid to tell the truth on public. The one thing we know for sure, when black man is guilty this fact becomes widely known immediately, contrariwise when the shooting is unjust the investigation usually faces different set-backs.

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