Music Icon Prince Remembered As Advocate For Black Youth

Prince Rogers Nelson’s contributions to help low-income black children will be forever remembered.

The 57-year-old music legend commonly known as Prince, who died on Thursday April 21, is remembered in Silicon Valley as an innovator and a passionate advocate for Black youth.

Prince inspired the YesWeCode innovation, which is aimed to teach over 100,000 low-income children to write computer codes.   Founder of YesWeCode, Van Jones disclosed on Monday in an interview with USA Today that his foundation was motivated by Prince while having a conversation after the Trayvon Martin verdict.

Every time you see a black kid wearing a hoodie, you say: There’s a thug. If you see a white kid wearing hoodie, you say: There’s Mark Zuckerberg. That’s because of racism,” Jones said.

Maybe so, or maybe you civil rights guys haven’t created enough Mark Zuckerbergs,” replied Prince.

And so they worked together to Brown Gates and Zuckerbergs.

Prince advocated behind scenes on behalf of underprivileged black youth from underserved communities for them to be able to write codes. He paved the way to a better future for African-American children, who the society sees as thugs but not Zuckerbergs.

Prince wasn’t just a musician who, through his songs, mended lost souls and brought broken hearts to a piece, but was also a man who “loved blackness and black people” to his heart.

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