At ‘Unity March’ To Remember Freddie Gray, Hope And Politics Collide

Residents of Baltimore and its nearby cities joined hands on Sunday for a march in respect to commemorating a year past since the Baltimore citizen Freddie Gray died at the hands of the police.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the city comprising of North and West residents took to the streets in hundreds for a march; politicians, police, media and residents commemorated a year since Freddie Gray suffered a fatal spinal cord injury in the hands of police officers. As Baltimore joined hands signifying “One Baltimore, One vision,” in paying respect to the dead, politicians also used the platform ahead of Maryland’s primary elections for interactions and greetings with residents.

“Here we are a year since Freddie Gray’s death, and we’re in the midst of the most contentious political season our city and state has seen in a very long time,” former NAACP leader Benjamin Jealous said in front of the CVS. According to Jealous, the elections are about all the things that protesters were calling for last year, more job opportunities and better education is what the black community seeks.

“This was our great gateway to opportunity as families moved up from the south,” Jealous said. “We still need this neighborhood and this city to be a gateway. We can’t stop fighting until Baltimore is restored to being a city of opportunity.”

However, the killers of people we are mourning are still walking freely unpunished for their evil acts. This is one of a case which should attain justice, and we still insist it should be reconsidered until justice is attained for the young man and all those who have suffered such ungodly fate.

Unfortunately, America and the whole world follow this case till today, and it depicts how rusty and broken our system is. If the killers are freed of the charges, then we won’t need any more proof that the war against black America is on its rise.

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