It’s Time for an Independent Black Political Party

Two-party system doesn’t serve the African-American electorate, because Black voters are forced to select between the lesser of two evils. Only an independent Black Political Party can represent Black voters.

It’s not a secret that the Democratic Party takes black votes for granted. And we’re already used to the fact that the Democratic Party represents the black community and “protects” Black interests. By 2012 88% of African Americans voted for Democrats.

The Republican Party is doing poorly with black Americans. They get about 10% of the black vote only.

In this election season, we find ourselves at a crossroad. The most confusing part comes after a question: are African-American interests being served? Does the Democratic Party really care about us? The whole American system isn’t meant to work for black people.

William A. Darity Jr., Samuel DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, thinks that black people need an Independent Black Party.

“I think this is the kind of work that we should have been engaged in a long time ago, well prior to Obama’s election as a Democratic Party candidate. We should not have had high expectations of what his candidacy would be because it was squarely within the two-party system,” Darity said. “We should have developed a party for a long time.”

Indeed, the third party would attain power to radically transform the present socio-economic order, achieve self-determination and social and political freedom for Black people, oppose racism, imperialism, sexual oppression, and capitalist exploitation and a lot more.

“It is essential because the national imagination is deeply constrained by the two-party system. There is no effort to solve the degree of racial inequality, joblessness and poverty, and the existing two-party system will not dramatically change those positions,” Darity added.

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