Police Lieutenant Suspended 10 Days For Social Media Posts With Racial Slant

A veteran Jacksonville police lieutenant has been suspended for 10 days for posting derisive images and racial epithets on a photo and video posting site account.

According to First Coast News, a veteran police lieutenant was suspended for 10 days after she posted derisive images and racial epithets on a photo and video on a social site. Lt. Trudy Callahan in her 20 years as officer has been diligent in her work until she has been involved in this scandal. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Callahan has violated code of conduct rule which is a 21-page report of International Affairs.

Callahan, who defended the post when she was questioned by the International Affairs investigators, explained that the posted comments were not meant to harm anyone and that racial slurs are in some cases mere “words used to describe a friend or a buddy.”

One posting is a reposting of a police composite from another city that shows a black man with dreadlocks draping his face and the caption: “The police really expect somebody to find this n***a I know 6 n***s that look like this.” Below one image, Callahan commented “I could be a sketch artist.”

Another showed a black man lying in a broken-down portion of a chain-link fence, declaring it a “hood hammock” to be used to “chilax.” Callahan posted 6 items that were subjected of the investigation.

Accounting to all these, Lt. Trudy Callahan was issued a 10-day suspension after the investigation, which most people consider as nothing comparing to her acts. Callahan is a Leader and as a matter of fact a Lieutenant; it’s ridiculous in the first place engaging herself in such racial acts, and again unprofessional in her duty line.

Firing her shouldn’t be an option, and all cops who have problems with racial tolerance should be dropped out of the police department. Such actions could change for the better relationship between black community and the police.

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