Struggling Single Mother Jailed Over Accidental Fire Gets Support

A 23-year-old black mom, Jeannetta Maclin, was unjustly jailed over a month ago after her two young boys set their apartment on fire.

According to reports, Maclin left her two boys aged five and two at home alone that day in desperation to make ends meet. She works endlessly on a low-paid job to make rent before she and are sons are evicted from the house. For this reason she can’t afford paying to the babysitter.

The boys were playing with a lighter when they accidently set the house on fire. They managed to survive, but Maclin was soon jailed.

When concerned citizens knew about her struggles to pay off her bills and that she had no criminal charges before, they went to the court on her behalf and begged for leniency for the black mom.

A medical technician Thomas Payton, who was on duty at the hospital when Maclin’s boys were brought in, told the judge that the system had failed Maclin and pleaded for her. Payton urged that Maclin’s decision to leave her children at home caused by desire to save her job should not be the one that defines the rest of her life.

Maclin was held in custody like if she posed a danger to the whole community and she was unfairly fined to pay an unaffordable amount of $15,000.

After her supporters argued in court about the unjustified claims, the judges instantly reduced her bail. According to reports, Maclin was able to raise the money with the help of some concerned citizens and she was later released from jail.

The U.S. judicial system is stacked against poor people, especially poor black people. The wrong people are kept behind bars while they leave childcare services without blame.

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