Madison-Area Church’s Black Lives Matter Sign Vandalized Again

Haters, over the week, vandalized for the second time Black Lives Matter banner, which has been displayed outside a Madison-area church compound.

It is unclear at the moment who deliberately tore the “Black Lives Matter” sign, which was hung on a goal-post like bar in Shorewood Hills. According to reports, the Shorewood hills police department and UW-Madison were alerted, but they couldn’t give a comment on the incident.

A senior minister of the church congregation, Michael Schuler, said: “I don’t know that they’re able to do anything to ascertain who might have committed this act of vandalism”.

Schuler further noted that the Black Lives Matter message is important to the church as people of minority in the country are “devalued in a way that white people never are”. “We are immune to issues that daily affect the lives of black people. That’s why it matters to us.”

Members of the First Unitarian Society in Shorewood Hills hope to have a real conversations with these people, who hatefully destroy signs that spread messages about race issues. “Rather than just simply tearing down a message that you find offensive, I would like for you to be in conversation with us,” Schuler said. “That’s what a faith community is all about. It’s about having conversations honoring people’s difference of opinion and trying to find some common ground between our two perspectives.”

This is the second time haters have vandalized BLM signs outside the church. Schuler strongly stated that their church will not stop spreading message about racism and police brutality. “The church will continue to stand with Madison’s black community,” he said.

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