A Clemson Student Arrested After Threatening To Lynch Student Protesters

Jamie Reece Moore, 21, was charged with unlawful use of telephone after threatening fellow students protesting about diversity issues at the university.

A South Carolina man has been arrested for intimidating and harassing students, who have been protesting over diversity issues at Clemson University, WSPA reports.

Jamie Reece Moore, 21, also a student at the university, was arrested and charged with unlawful use of a telephone after posting threats directed toward protesters on the social media platform Yik Yak.

According to the station, Moore’s messages included the following:

“What time is the lynch mob tomorrow? I got a couple hundred feet of rope.”

“Let’s do to the Clemson protesters what Ohio did to the Kent State student protesters 40 years ago.”

“Drive by at Sikes?”

“Slave auction tomorrow morning at 8am @ Sikes Hall. Lots of good protest workers. Get them while they’re mad!!!”

“So have they started lynching protesters yet?”

Moore is currently free on a $470 bond.

“We go through classes, we see each other on a daily basis, we exchange smiles thinking we are all treating one another as equals. But to see the post on Yik Yak talking about lynchings — to me it is just ignorant,” an African-American student, Brendan Standifer, said about the threats.

According to the Associated Press, students have been protesting what biology major Standifer called “quiet racial schism” on campus, with only 6 percent of the student body being black in a state where a third of the population is African-American.

Students, including many of the university’s football players have been holding sit-ins and protests on the campus demanding greater diversity after rotten bananas were hung on an African-American history banner.

Clemson President, Jim Clements says that the school is taking measures to address diversity issues.

However, some students say the school’s plans, which reportedly include hiring a chief diversity officer, remodeling its black history approach, recruiting a minority faculty, and developing a scholarship scheme to attract more minority students, is all talk and no action.

“Clemson University tries to hide things and pretend like they never, ever happened or don’t exist. So instead of saying it was bananas on an African-American flag, they say a banner was defaced on campus. You are denying the fact it was racist at all,” Rae-Nessha White, a junior political science major who was arrested during the protest, told AP.

We hope this protest action draws the attention that will enable a swift solution, and that the school officials meet the students’ demands and fulfill their promises of a more diversified Clemson.

On the other hand, Moore joins the growing list of racist terrorists that must be punished severely by the full force of our nation’s laws.

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