Police Investigate Wrongful Arrest Of A Black Teen In Baltimore

Baltimore police department is investigating the arrest of an 18-year-old African-American, Tionne Jones, dragged out of his home without warrant.

On Saturday, April 16, some police officers in Baltimore, Maryland, visited a home they accused of “possible drug activity” without a search warrant.

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A video, which was posted on YouTube, capturing the whole event, went viral, forcing Baltimore police department to investigate the unlawful arrest and assault of Tionne Jones.

T.J. Smith, police spokesman, reported that “executive team met to discuss this issue and the circumstances surrounding the arrest” over the week. They determined that Jones’ disorderly conduct charges “were not appropriate in this situation.”

Baltimore police department will continue an internal investigation of the cop who dragged and threw Jones on the ground.

We will continue to observe as to how this case will come to an end. These officers should be punished for such violent acts. Most time, officials take action in cases, especially when it involves a black man, only when it gets the media’s attention. Justice must be served to all.

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