Protesters Demand Firing Of Officer, Who Killed Rekia Boyd

African-American protest groups gathered on Wednesday, April 20, outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s City Hall demanding that Officer Dante Servin be fired.

It’s been over four years since an off-duty Chicago police officer, Dante Servin, fatally shot a 22-year-old black woman in Douglas Park.

According to sources, Servin met Boyd and three others chatting on a small lane. He said Boyd and her mates were talking too loudly. He asked them to keep quiet without identifying himself as an officer of the law. The four didn’t mind him and as they turned to leave, Servin removed his gun and fired several shots.

Boyd was shot to death in the head. Her friend, Antonio Cross, was also shot but in the hand, she survived.

After three years of investigation, Officer Servin was found not guilty for intentionally killing an African-American woman.

Over the week, groups representing Black Lives Matter Chicago and Black Youth Project 100 called on the Chicago city Mayor Rahm Emanuel and officials to fire Servin.

We are going after Dante Servin,” said Page May, one of the organizers with Assata’s Daughters.

An organizer with Black Youth Project Joan Fadayiro said: “The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois are proving that they do not value black lives. Police officers are enabled to kill black women with impunity while black community assets such as Chicago State University are divested from.”

The Chicago police force has been known over the past years as murderers of innocent black men. This injustice in the city has to be stopped. The lives of all citizens matter whether they are black or white.

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