6 Black Men Arrested During Freddie Gray Protests Sue Baltimore police, Allege Brutality

Protesters of Freddie Gray’s death have sued Baltimore Police Department Tuesday for abusing, beating and depriving them to exercise their constitutional right to protest. Six arrested.

Residents of Baltimore who were not pleased with how the young black man Freddie Gray died took to the streets in protest. A lawsuit followed on Tuesday claiming that Baltimore Police officers beat them, abuse and deprived them from exercising their constitutional right to protest. Report says six of the activists were arrested while many hurt during the demonstration.

According to the suit, Lomax, 25, was pepper sprayed by an officer on May 2 when he was walking on the streets. Lomax was arrested and dragged by officers across the street as video shows. He spent 20 days in jail after a dreadful maltreatment. Albert Tubman, 45, also was arrest on April when he was coming out of his car without any suspicion of crime. Tuban said the officer knocked him down and arrested him where he faced jail time, according to the suit.

Also, Eric Glass, 27, was buckled down by officer on April 25 when he was recording a protest with his cell phone. Glass was punched and abused by this officer and it landed him at the hospital. He was later charged and jailed. Likewise Roosevelt Johnson, 44, Andrew Fisher and Myreq Williams, 21 did face assaults and brutality during the protest. These were all stated in the lawsuit.

Police officers use protest as an excuse to brutalize and maltreat civilians. A peaceful demonstration is not a reason to pepper spray or beat protesters, who just want to protect their rights. All police officers who were caught while violation of law must be punished.

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