‘Drug Policy Is Race Policy’: Drug Policy Alliance Holds Historic Gathering in NYC

The Drug Policy Alliance gathered at Columbia University, New York, in respect to the way forward of United States’ problem with people of color and drug war.

United States’ war on drugs has been a failure and has rather become War on Blacks and other people of color. In respect to this, the United Nations and the Drug Policy Alliance met to see a way forward as to how drug war which is war on blacks could be shaped, The Root reported.

According to The Root State director of the New York policy office of the Drug Policy Alliance, Kassandra Frederique, told the committee and invitees that the only way to combat this generational bond is “DPA bringing active users into decision-making to help shape the policies that directly impact their lives.”

War on drugs has for decades stigmatized and criminalized users and low-level traffickers without seeing the dangers and effects. Drug war has instigated mass incarceration, poverty, lack of access to education and health care to most people of color, especially blacks.

Svante Myrick, mayor of Ithaca, N.Y. said when war on drugs comes into contest, it’s really a war on black, brown and poor communities. He explained how power has been given to police officers to abuse people. “The vast majority of our police officers are not racist, but they are asked every day to enforce racist policies.”

Racial discrimination however has become much more severe that irrespective of the fact that Blacks and White using drugs a t the same rate, black and brown are disproportionally arrested and jailed. It feels so comfortable for an officer to cause black arrest in America but however it looks; these people are not different from bankers or pharmaceuticals companies which make people get hooked on pills and drugs for the rest of their lives.

Families and parents of victims of mass incarceration, police brutality due to war on drugs are whaling for a change from racial disparities to make America a better place for living. If there should be a policy, then there should be equality without gender or racial bias.

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