Lawsuit Filed Against San Diego And Its Police Department For Wrongful Death Of A Black Man

Family of Lamontez Jones, fatally shot by two police officers in San Diego, filed a lawsuit against officials for son’s wrongful death.

On Tuesday morning, April 19, about twelve people assembled in front of the police headquarter in San Diego announcing the filling of a lawsuit against two officers Gregory Lindstrom and Scott Thompson who were involved in the shooting of a black man, Lamontez Jones.

According to the police report, Jones, 39, was interfering with traffic when two motorcycle officers stopped him near a Horton Plaza at around 2:00 p.m.  The police officers didn’t switch on their body cameras as they approached Jones.

Seeing that he had a toy gun in his hands, the officers rapidly shot him to death.  One shot him twice, another – seven times.

After the death of Jones, the district’s attorney stated that the fatal shooting of the black man was justified.

A law firm in Los Angeles filled a suit against the government on behalf of the deceased’s mother, Victoria Jones. According to reports, the claim in total “will exceed several million dollars.”

Speaking to Jones’ mom in an interview on Tuesday, she said she would like to know what initiated those two officers to go after her son. “My biggest concern is, they didn’t have their body cameras [turned] on…. They want me to accept what they want to tell me.

This isn’t the first time police are lying about killing innocent black men and women. Why did they turn off their camera if that’s the truth or where is the footage of the shooting? A black man John Crawford II had a toy gun, he ended up dead. A 12-year-old boy Tamir Rice was also shot dead for playing with a toy gun. This has to stop and these officers should pay for their actions.


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