Gov. Rick Snyder Risks Drinking Flint Water To Prove Critics Wrong

Michigan Governor Snyder on Monday, April 18, announced to the public that he will be drinking Flint water for at least a month.

It has been over two years since the Flint drinking water contamination issue started. The crisis started as a result of city changing its water source from treated Detroit water to Flint River. Read full story here.  Since then, the government hasn’t made much effort to remedy the situation simply because blacks are the majority in those communities.

The lead-poisoned water has led to outbreaks of diseases and sufferings from long-term health issues causing damages to poor black homes. According to reports, 12 people have already died from the Legionaries’ outbreak.

Residents filed lawsuits against government officials, yet, no tangible results. Some of the residents, in February this year, met ant spoke with attorneys involved in the suit.

Over the week, Governor Snyder paid visit to some of the residents affected by the Flint water lead poison and took five gallons of filtered water from their homes insisting that the water was drinkable. He hoped to drink filtered water from Flint River at home and also at work for at least a month to prove to the public that there has been progress to put an end to the crisis.

However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has strongly advice all Flint residents to use bottled water for their safety.

Well, we want to say bon appetite Gov. Rick Snyder.

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