Infographic Shows Rate At Which U.S. Incarcerate People Of Color To Other Countries

A World Policy Journal gives a statistics of how people of color are being imprisoned around the globe.

The Global affairs magazine recently carried out an investigation to examine lived experiences of black people around the world. The investigation showed that people of color are disproportionately represented in incarcerated populations around the globe.

The statistics shows that out of the 12.6 percent of blacks or African-Americans in U.S., 39.4 percent of them are incarcerated. This means that about 15 million blacks are being imprisoned. Looking at South Africa’s race and incarceration data, we see that only 2 percent of the prison population are white.

The data reveals that the U.S. imprisoned black men in 2010 at a rate 10.5 times more than that of South Africa in 1984 during apartheid.

A study finds out that Louisiana State has the highest rate of incarceration in the world.

This brings to mind that black people all over the world are being superfluously enslaved especially in countries where they are a minority. There are just so many obstacles blacks face in those countries: discrimination, police brutality, unemployment, and incarceration and so on.

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