Study: Internet Trolls Attack Women And Black Writers Most

A study by The Guardian shows that Black and female writers compared to their white counterparts face more hate from commenters.

Atlantic Black Star reported that a news site from UK called The Guardian has come up with more than 70 million comments on their site which serves as a proof to a conducted investigation that black and female writers face the most hate criticism comments online.

A recent Guardian study which was geared toward their own journalists working online most often showed that the hired female journalists in the company suffered the hate comments, especially the women. “Articles written by women attract more abuse and dismissive trolling than those written by men, regardless of what the article is about.”

The Guardian said after looking at their Op-Ed writers, they found out that “two black men and eight women experienced the highest level of abuse and dismissive trolling, and they also received least number of the abuse online.”

Consequently, this is another proof of sexism and discrimination. If you are a black woman or a black writer, society won’t easily accept you as a writer or regard you as a person. There are numerous proofs and researches about racial discrimination, but the story is the same after a deep struggle. No one including the government fall blind eyes to the uncomfortable situations of blacks.

Nevertheless, the peace fight continues until a result is attained.

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