Sanders addresses Black Lives Matter And Criminal Justice In Brooklyn

“We owe a debt of gratitude to the Black Lives Matter movement,” says Senator Bernie Sanders.

The Democratic presidential nominee, Sanders, during a panel discussion on April 16 in Brooklyn, made comments on criminal justice issues and how the BLM movement had raised awareness of racial disparities in societies.

Sanders spoke about his meeting with a black mom whose son was shot dead by police officers. “A mother calls the police because her son is acting out. Guess what? Her son gets killed. A mother calls the police, and her own son gets killed,” he said. Sanders suggested that police officers “must be trained to use other mechanisms to control circumstances, other than lethal force.”

Speaking to a crowd of over 200 people on Saturday, Sanders censured police unaccountability in crimes they commit against African-Americans. “We’ve seen, too often, police officers break the law with impunity. That’s unacceptable,” he said.

He also talked about the “rampant racism” found in Chicago police department and believed that Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s force isn’t the only one with such problems.

The New York primary is just two days away and Sanders is hoping to take the black votes from his competitor Hillary Clinton. He’s the only presidential candidate at the moment that has the interests of black people. If Sanders wins, he hopes to end police brutality and injustice in the nation.

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