Maryland High School Student Calls For Killing Of Black People

“Killing black people is like saying n*****, they do it all the time, but get pissed when white people do it,” a high school student tweets.

A satirical assignment given to students in a High School in Maryland requires them to mirror a book written by an Anglo-Irish satirist Jonathan Swift titled “A Modest Proposal”. The book suggests that people should eat their babies in times of famine. And so was the home work for students to compare present day to day problems to that in the 1700s and to learn about satire.

A high school student, in his essay, suggested that Black people should be taken to the deserts and killed. He later posted his essay online and wrote a racist comment referring to African-Americans as n*gg*ers.

A convener of the Caucus of African American Leaders Carl Snowden told WJZSchools should be about building bridges, not creating walls.” “Our teachers standing in the classroom trying to teach people about satire should also understand that there’s a balance between satire and offensive behavior,” he added.

The white boy, who wrote the essay, remains undisclosed and unpunished as his insensitive essay and racist tweet continue to raise concerns. Another student says: “Really, it was disrespectful and he shouldn’t have posted it.”

It’s terrible that students at such young age are already fed with hate for black people. If a school can give such assignment to students and above all protect the student’s identity, then what can we say about America’s progress of fighting against racism?

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