Sprint CEO Apologizes For “Ghetto” T-Mobile Attack Ad

A distasteful, classless, and racist ad that has no place on the internet.

Sprint CEO has apologized and pulled the controversial ad, which outraged many people online for being culturally and racially inappropriate.

In the ad, which was released earlier this week, a young white woman, who was asked by Sprint’s chief executive Marcelo Claure to say anything about rival carriers, described T-Mobile as the “ghetto”.

“I’m going to tell you a carrier name, and I want you to basically tell me what comes to your mind,” Claure says in the video, while the screen displays the words “Real questions. Honest answers.”

“T-Mobile,” Claure continues. “When I say ‘T-Mobile’ to you, just a couple of words?”

The customer, immediately replies, “Oh, my God, the first word that came to my mind was,” before pausing, “ghetto!”

“That sounds, like, terrible,” she follows up. “I don’t know. … People who have T-Mobile are just, like,” she takes a long pause, as if carefully planning her next words. “Why do you have T-Mobile?”

Claure posted the video on Twitter at T-Mobile with the caption, “Sometimes the truth hurts,” followed by a tweet stating, “Not meant to offend anyone.”

However the chief executive’s ill-advised move to ridicule his rivals blew in his face, when the ad faced a strong backlash online that eventually forced him to admit his mistake and pulled the video.

Claure and his commercial team’s mistake speaks volume into the depth of racism and how frequently racial slurs are used in America – It is so common to make a mockery of an entire race or social class that many people, like Claure, can hardly tell when they are doing or condoning it.

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