Teachers Are Permitted To Spank Kids In 19 States In The United States

Corporal punishments have never been considered one of the safest or best ways to help kids do the right thing.

Whiles corporal punishment has been abolished in some states in America, other states such as Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Montana, Missouri, and North Carolina still allow teachers to discipline school kids using this outmoded form of punishment.

Since teachers are given the rights to punish school children using this such violent means, school cops also justify the reason to brutalize kids when they go wrong

Data shows that just as black people are more likely to get incarcerated than white people for the same crime, African American kids are more prone to face corporal punishment compared to their white mates.

Even though corporal punishment, which originated from jails and prisons has since been outlawed, some school authorities still practice it.

Any form of physical punishment should be permanently banned in all states because it may cause long-term injuries and psychological trauma that might affect children’s growth.

Instead, other non-violent alternatives such as counseling and setting good examples for the kids to follow can be applied.


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