Black Man Shot By Police Receives $23M Settlement Because of BLM

An unarmed black man who was shot by two officers in Florida in 2013 has been compensated by the state, through the effort of the Black Lives Matter.

Fusion reported that the now-paralyzed Dontrell Stephens, the unarmed black man who was shot in Florida during traffic stop in September 2013, by Sgt. Adams Lin and a deputy Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Officer, has been compensated with $23.1 million by the help of the BLM.

According to The Sun Sentinel, Officer Lin shot Stephens on the basis of mistaking his phone for a gun. This was a fatal incident which resulted in an unpleasant situation. Presently, Stephens is paralyzed and moves with the aid of a wheel chair. The innocent young man who was then 20, has suffered tragically, and now has a different approach to life; obviously not better than before.

After a long deliberation on how to settle the paralyzed young man which started in Feb, a figure which was initially agreed on, $22.4 million was raised to $23.1 million due to the concerns the BLM movement raised. According to BLM movement, the young man sees life in a different perspective from the way he used to. BLM activists were seen in all cases backing Stephens in all his endeavors, pushing for justice for the young man through protests and dialogues.

However, life is not the same for Stephens. There is a mixed feeling. Although the money is a great deal, the young man may not be able to stand to his feet in a long period of time. The possibility of walking is hard to predict.

“Kudos” to Stephen’s attorney, Jack Scarola, and good luck to Stephens as he faces new life with this great sum of money.


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