Baltimore Hopes For Changes This Year After The Upcoming Primary Election

A year after Freddie Gray’s arrest and death and there still have not been noticed any improvements in the lives of Baltimore’s black residents.

Tuesday marks exactly a year after 25-year-old Freddie Gray’s arrest on the streets of Baltimore. 7 days after his arrest he died in the hospital from a severe spinal cord injury because police officers denied him an inhaler when he was being transported to the police station.

The city of Baltimore grieved, mourned and hoped for change in Baltimore after the death of Gray but sadly enough the citizens still can not brag of any major changes in the city including their criminal justice system.

The city at this moment is facing a lot of challenges such as high unemployment rate for black people, increase in crime and violence, police brutality as well as housing problems.

Baltimore is now looking forward to the upcoming elections that will be starting on 26th April, when people expect to elect a leader who will bring them the changes they need. During this time the trial of the police officers who were involved in Gray’s death will be starting.

30-year-old DeRay Mckesson civil activist seems to be the best candidate to bring changes to Baltimore since the city has always had a black political power structure.

Mckesson is also an active member of the Movement for Black Lives, who has also led protests in Ferguson, Missouri, Maryland and Baltimore. He has the potential of changing the city’s sorrows and agonies to happiness.

We hope Baltimore elects the right person to help fix the city, to make the city a better place.


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