Jamar Clark’s Case Is Another Example Of Silencing Black Voices

Hennepin County attorney allowed killer cops to walk free by overlooking vital evidences which would have caused them to be indicted.

StarTribune reported that Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney, on March 30, ruled that two Minneapolis officers involved in the fatal shooting of the unarmed black man, Jamar Clark, will not be indicted. Surprisingly, County Attorney, Mike Freeman distorted and twisted the testimony of the black young girl, RayAnn Hayes, who was an eye witness to the Nov. 15 incident.

Hayes in her statement never said she was Clark’s girlfriend, but Freeman came up with that fictitious lies about that. Hayes in her initial statement said Clark never posed any threat when he decided to see her in the ambulance. She didn’t have any altercation with Clark; rather he was preventing her from breaking up a fight when she (Hayes) broke her ankle since she was in heels. These were vital testimonies which were overlooked by Freeman.

Teto Wilson, who also witnessed the scene at that night, said, “Jamar Clark was not, absolutely not resisting.” Why wasn’t this taken into account?

It is very clear that Hennepin County Attorney, Mike Freeman, fabricated stories to support his claim that the two officers were responding to a domestic violence situation with a black assailant who was acting weird.  In American history, it’s very evident that everything they do is to silence black voices to fulfill subjection on blacks, which will give room for White powers.

Why were Hayes’ words twisted? Why was her account not considered during Freeman’s review of the evidence?  If Freeman thought the officers were clean, then he should have provided the exact testimony by the witness. Everything shows that Freeman twisted the statement and cooked up stories to vindicate the killer officers.


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