Not My Heritage Protest

Join our counter-protest against 'White Power' Confederate rally at Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Neo-Nazis and Klansmen are organizing a white heritage rally on April 23, 2016 at Stone Mountain, Georgia.

The event follows a protest against a proposal to add a monument in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. to the Stone Mountain site. Ex-members of the Aryan Nations and current Ku Klux Klan members will attend the rally.
The post-rally concert will feature rock acts catering to a skinhead audience.

Join the «NOT MY HERITAGE» counter-rally on Saturday April 23!

Our mission is to resist them by any means in order to prevent them from organizing events like this in the future. It’s especially important at a time when militant racists harass and shoot protesters against police brutality and when hate attacks on Muslims have spiked in the US.
Racism is not our heritage and we refuse to honor it. We must resist this show of force by militant white supremacists!

Join the event for more information:

Not My Heritage: 23 April at 12:00 in EDT

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