Mayor Rahm’s “Spy Tactics” On BLM And Other Protest Groups Can’t End Black Killings.

The Mayor of Chicago is ready to do everything, but reform the racial bias Chicago police department.

Chicago Mayor Emmanuel Rahm has faced constant criticism following his handling of a white cop’s shooting  of an unarmed black teen in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. Not surprisingly, the public reacted accordingly  protesting against the racial bias attitude of Chicago cops. However Mayor Rahm decided it would be better to plant undercover cops amongst protest groups.

Chicago Sun Times obtained records of  Chicago city’s reaction to police killings and other police activity regarding protest groups and their actions, as well as their online posts.

There also were included in the records the details of Chicago police lawyer Ralph Price, who approved a plan to plant spies on various targeted groups including Black Lives Matter activists, Black Youth Project 100 churches and some philanthropic organizations. These groups being monitored by the mayor’s office and the public safety office were basically exercising their free-speech right.

The Sun-Times also revealed that since 2014 and early 2015, following the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the police decided to monitor black protesters and also kept an eye on Rev. Jesse Jackson.

DeAngelo Bester, co-executive director of the Workers Center for Racial Justice, said, “the Chicago Police Department and Emanuel administration try to justify the harsh treatment of cops in black communities by saying there’s so much violence, meanwhile, they’re spending the time and resources to surveil groups exercising their First Amendment rights.” Bester thinks it is “ridiculous” and wasteful to spy on law-abiding protesters.

Johnae Strong of Chicago’s Black Youth Project 100 also commented saying,  “There’s just a history of knowing we are organizing in a very hostile environment. The Chicago Police Department does exactly what it wants to do and finds ways to make it bureaucratically valid.”

Instead of finding solutions to reform the racial bias department, Mayor Rahm thinks its wiser to have undercover cops, a plan which has yielded nothing. If Rahm is out of tactics, then maybe he should step down because these spies cannot stop police protests. Justice will still be demanded.


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