Man Whose Bogus 911 Call Caused Fatal Shooting To Face Charges

Like Crawford’s killer, Ronald Ritchie must be severely punished.

Charges could be brought up against an Ohio man whose false claims in a 911 call led to police officers storming and fatally shooting an innocent black man, John Crawford III, at a Beavercreek Walmart store.

Ronald T. Ritchie made a 911 call in August 2014 alerting dispatchers that a black man was carrying a gun around and pointing it at people in the store.

However, Crawford, who was shot and killed on the spot by police officers responding to the bogus call, was talking on a cell phone with his pregnant girlfriend, he was holding a toy gun, which he had picked up in the store in his hand.

A group of activists, who pushed for Ritchie’s indictment, asserted that, had the bogus call not been made, Crawford would have still been with his family today.

In addition, the activists also noted in affidavits filed to the Fairborn Municipal Court that another shopper, 37-year-old Angela Williams, died as a result of a medical emergency she suffered in the store while making a dash for safety.

Below is a video submitted to the court to support claims, that assertions made by Ritchie to dispatchers were false and misleading.

In the video, which synced audio the 911 call with surveillance footage from Walmart cameras, Ritchie could be heard telling dispatchers that Crawford was loading his gun, adding later that he [Crawford] was pointing the weapon at children.

Both assertions were false and totally made-up as the 22-year-old can be seen looking at items on a shelf while casually swinging the toy pellet gun.

If officially indicted by prosecutors, Ritchie faces a maximum of six months behind bars and a $1,000 fine for misleading police with a false alarm.

According to Michael Wright, Crawford’s family Attorney and the Crawfords are happy about the new development, but remain resolute in their stance that the Beavercreek Police Department was ultimately to blame for the fatal shooting.

As a former Marine, Ritchie was in a very good position to tell a toy gun from a real one. Therefore he deserves a much tougher punishment as his assertions were clearly motivated by racial bias and stereotyping.

The cop, who made the fatal shot, should not get off the hook because he acted too quickly without giving Crawford the opportunity to drop the ‘weapon’ which Ritchie had alleged he was carrying.

Like many other African American families, the Crawfords deserve justice!

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