South Carolina Goes Through Racial Tension After Walter Scott Shooting

After Walter Scott shooting, police violence against Blacks in South Carolina has ignited and the demands of protesters still have not been met.

About a year ago Walter Scott, a 50 year-old-man and a father of four, was fatally shot by police officer, Michael Slager, in South Carolina.

Scott was pulled over by Slager for a broken brake light, and was later shot 8 times in the back whiles running. This shooting led to protests and the demand for a reform in the city’s police department.

Officials arrested and charged Slager with murder calming the city down immediately, but the requests of the residents including transparency in police activities and the use of body cameras by every cop have since been overlooked.

Since the arrest of Slager little has changed in the city as a result of protest actions. Black residents of the city of South Carolina are still targeted and bullied by cops.

“I don’t want to see another mother, another family, have to go through what we’ve gone through,” said Scott’s mother, Judy Scott, on Monday after family and friends visited Scott’s grave.

78 percent of the city’s police are white and 47 percent of the residents are black. For the past years race has always been the issue in the complaints of residents against the police department.

Countless shooting of unarmed black men by cops cause the necessity of nationwide changes in law enforcement.

The city has been patient enough and now they demand changes to protect the community from racial profiling and police brutality.

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