Music’s Billion-Dollar Couple Help Raise Awareness Of Race And Police Brutality

Jay Z and Beyoncé stood with families of police brutality victims, donated bail for Baltimore and Ferguson protesters.

The never-ending cases of police brutality and state-sanctioned violence against Black people — the most prominent being the police slaying of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and now Tamir Rice —has given rise to calls for America’s Black celebrities to do more in order to raise awareness about the issue of racism and help empower black communities.

Despite silence from numerous black artists, music’s super couple, Queen B and Jay Z, is making great strides in ensuring the voices of black people are heard.

In a recent post on twitter, activist and filmmaker, Dream Hampton, claims that Jay Z and Beyoncé bankrolled protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson with tens of thousands of dollars in bail money, and discussed the difficulties of organizing when protesters are thrown in jail.

Although Hampton, who collaborated on Jay Z’s book “Decoded,” later deleted the tweets calling them “error ridden”, her revelation speaks volumes into the power couple’s behind-the-scenes support.

In the aftermath of the police killing of Freddie Gray, hip-hop’s royal couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z, was in Baltimore standing with the Gray family and activists at the “Rally 4 Peace”, an event, which they helped stream live on Tidal.

In the music video of “Formation”, her most political song yet, Queen B, who has never been shy of expressing her spirit of activism in favor of black communities asserted her identity as a black woman and accentuated the beauty of black womanhood.

“Formation” drew outrage from American’s savage and shameless police departments, who saw the remarkable piece of art as hatred directed towards them.

However, the poetic lyrics of “Formation” and its well created video clip have been hailed by many pundits and activists as entertaining and true activism for black empowerment.

The lead taken by this amazing couple is a proof that black celebrities, who are often quiet on issues affecting our communities, can significantly contribute in their own way to promote peace, tolerance and understanding.

Therefore, we admonish all celebrities and influential figures representing the entertainment industry — including actors, musicians, athletes, and other individuals profiting from the vastly rich African-American culture — to speak up and use their influence and fame to shed light on one of our country’s oldest and most insidious issues: race.

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