Black Community Infuriates Over Florence County Sheriff’s Facebook Post

Rural South Carolina has expressed their discontent about a photograph which was posted on Facebook last week by white Florence County sheriff’s deputies with black robbery suspects.

According to FITSNEWS, Florence County sheriff’s deputies made the post last week on Facebook page of one Georgia-based K-9 trainer with their boss, Kane, elucidating over an arrest of three robbers – a white and two blacks.

Unbelievable! On no account should police officers be involved in such scandal. A well posed photograph of eight officers (9 if the dog is included) with all deadly weapons shown in the picture celebrating the victorious capture of suspects.

Surprisingly, a Florence sheriff officer Kenney Boone, who is running for reelection, retweeted the image and labeling them as “thugs.” It’s ridiculous when officers thought posting this image will seek them credit from the world than the repercussions that will come as a result. This is considered a very big scandal for Boone as a political aspirant.

A local law enforcement (name withheld) told FITNEWS, “It’s got people in the black community so upset with good reason and people in the white community shaking their heads in disbelief at the stupidity of posting something like that.”

This is absolutely unacceptable behavior for the Florence County officials, and it gives clear meaning of the fact that they are ignorant of their job.

There is no trust in the police force anymore, especially with blacks because they pay heed to people of color.

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