White Medical Students Believe that Blacks Feel No Pain – Their Reason For Poor Medical Administration To Blacks

Racial bias physicians try to explain why black people should feel more pain and suffer when ill; their answer – blacks don’t feel pain.

A study has revealed that most blacks, as compared to whites, are given less medical care by doctors in the U.S. Also, whites seem to receive effective medical prescriptions than blacks. In the light of the above statements a recent study was conducted to confront the possible reason, why this happened to be, has proved disturbing. The reason being that blacks literally feel no pain.

The study conducted involved 222 white medical students and residents and 92 random medically illiterate white people. During the study the two set of white groups were given eleven fictitious theories and four true facts about the biological characteristics between blacks and whites. At the end of the study, it was accessed that both groups believed the false and fictitious theories.

For instance 58% of the general population believe that black people have thicker skin than whites, nonetheless 40% of  medical sophomores, 42% of second year medical students, 22% of third year students and 25% of residents agreed with this statement.

Other questions included 11 false theories about black were that black people were likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke; that blacks are less likely than whites to develop multiple sclerosis and other spinal cord diseases, and that blacks have denser and stronger bones than whites.

Concluding their report about the study, the authors in their report stated, “Participants who endorsed more false beliefs about biological differences between blacks and whites showed a racial bias in the accuracy of their treatment recommendations.”

Kelly M. Hoffman, specialist of the Department of Psychology, University of Virginia, one of the authors of the study’s report commented, “Initially we were a little bit surprised at the percent of endorsement among medical residents. Things like black skin is thicker than white. … It’s just striking for some of them,” she said.

In conclusion, the total results of the study conducted on the two groups of white people reveal the possible reasons why blacks are given less quality health care in the U.S. It proves that medical diagnoses and analysis on black patients have racial bias backing it – this complicates the issue of medical racism and racism as a whole, especially in the U.S.


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